Fab Lab is a live-action show. It is shown on Cbeebies from 2002

the show features two pixies named Dixie and Trixie and a dog called Prof. Dixie and Trixie are puppets whilst Prof is played by a human in a whole body dog suit

the two pixies live under the floor of a large garden shed known as the Fab Lab. The shed is used as a laboratory by Prof who investigates various phenomena such as rainfall or the germination of plants. He explains features of the physical and natural world to the pixies, sometimes with the aid of the PC which Prof uses to show video sequences. Prof is very partial to green biscuits called Pixiebicks with which the pixies sometimes bribe Prof to expand his explanations

at the end of the show, a whistle is heard, upon which Prof says that Mrs Whistle is calling and leaves the shed

Fab Lab looks familiar to a scotland show, Bits & Bobs

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